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Real estate valuation

We estimate the value of real estate - using the prescribed methodology and tell you how much it is actually worth. We valuate all types of real estate, in all stages of completion. We provide the service to both natural and legal persons according to their individual needs, and mandatory in accordance with applicable regulations and professional standards.

When is there a need for real estate valuation?

  • Property buying and selling
  • Insurance of real estate
  • Loan approvals in commercial banks
  • Real estate listing into the core/basic capital of the company
  • Solving legal matters regarding property
  • Bankruptcy proceedings, division of the property and buyout

New Croatian law on the valuation of the property

By adopting the current law on the valuation of property the possibility of manipulation is reduced.

News in the process

Real estate value is determined, based on the actual purchase price of comparable properties in the past four years (recorded in official database of Ministry of construction), and not based on asking prices in ads.

Modern approach

We are a team of young professionals who never cease to learn and act quickly in order to deliver a service on which you can rely.

Other services

In addition to the valuation of real estate, we also provide Expert witness services in court cases, property measurement, as well as services related to the management and development of real estate: financial supervision of construction of buildings, feasibility studies, real estate market analysis and technical due diligence.

Our services are based on a realistic approach because we believe that only the real value can create security on the real estate market.

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