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  • Experience

    Working with clients from different areas allowed us to get a diverse and specific experience that raises the quality of our services.
  • Knowledge

    Education of our team and the continuous investment in the knowledge is what makes our service reliable, with high quality and in accordance to all applicable regulations.
  • Approach

    Recognizing the demands of the clients and the market, we offer a quality service in a short term and in accordance with the law.


A realist for real estate is Centar Akcija Ltd., a company specialized in real estate valuation and consulting. It's employees - architect, civil engineers and lawyer, all work hard in order to promptly deliver a high quality, reliable and real service that you need.
Each stage of the work process is monitored and is approached with equal care and attention, with a goal that there is no compromise in high quality of final service.
It is important to us that the real estate market is secure and transparent and we contribute to that with our work, which is based on experience, knowledge and neutrality.

Tomislav Perković

Tomislav is an architect, CEO of Centar Akcija Ltd., certified court expert for construction and real estate valuation and a realistic valuator.

In his many years of experience he worked on various projects related to real estate, such as all phases of project architectural design, supervision of construction, urban planning, property valuations, financial supervision, consulting, market research and analysis and development of the projects which make him a highly qualified person and a specialist in real estate.

He is an expert in sustainable development (Green Building Professional) and a candidate for the the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) licence.


Our team of professionals responds promptly to all customer needs and delivers a service that is tailored to individual requirements, and in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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