REALISTS: Centar Akcija Ltd. and Tomislav Perković

Tomislav Perković was born on 16.5.1973. in Sisak where he completed primary and secondary school. He graduated in 1999. from the Faculty of Architecture and became Bsc. Architect. He gained his first working experience in the architectural office where he worked on design and supervision of construction. After that, he got a job at the County Office for Regional Planning for the County of Sisak and Moslavina issuing building permits, and later worked in urban planning.

He worked in Zagreb Real Estate (Zane) Ltd. (member of Unicredit bank group) from 2002. to 2008. on valuation of real estate, financial supervision and real estate consulting.

From 2008. to 2014. he worked as head of research & market analysis and project development manager for Norwegian real estate found. He was appointed as a permanent court expert for construction and real estate valuation at the County Court in Zagreb since 2007.

In beginning of 2014. he started working in the company Centar Akcija Ltd. which he is a  founder and managing director. Until then, he already made a remarkable amount of real estate valuations and almost every time he was asked by the clients to tell them „what is this property real value?“. So, he came to the idea that he will develop his own business under the name of Realist for real estate. This is in line with his view that the real values are the key elements that create security and transparency of the real estate market.

Tomislav believes that knowledge is worth the while so he continues to educate himself even in his fourties, and soon he has an exam at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

To make sure that the job is done on time, without losing the quality, and that Tomislav remains as realistic as possible, there are the other Realists under his mentorship – the employees of the Centar Akcija Ltd.: Lovro, Matej, Slobodan and Romina who participate in on-site inspections of the properties, preparation and making valauation reports and Nastja who, in addition to taking care of every part of the work process, helps with legal advice. There are also external associates who help the Realists to cover the whole territory of Croatia.

Realists learn, improve, and develop without skipping any stage of development. They try to remain realistic, and also imaginative so they will realize all ideas that come to their minds.